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By Sophie Shaw, CNN Underscored

Published 10:58 AM EST, Thu February 1, 2024

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  • Overall best pajamas for women
  • Editor-favorite pajamas for women
  • Best budget-friendly pajamas for women
  • More women’s pajamas we love
The 15 coziest pajamas for women that’ll keep you warm all winter | CNN Underscored (1)

For a long time, pajamas for me looked like a worn-in, oversized college T-shirt — and that’s it. But after I was gifted an amazing set of PJs (more on these later), I found that a quality set of jammies wasn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Especially in the colder months, having warm winter sleepwear is essential. It can truly effect your quality of sleep, plus, having a matching set just makes you feel a bit more put together (even if you end up lazing the day away in your pajamas).

So, what makes a superior set of pajamas for women? Silhouette (no bunching or discomfort), material (the softer the better, but it needs to hold up well) and temperature regulation (cooling versus insulating) are all important factors to consider. I now like to have plenty of options when it comes to pajamas and have tried tons of styles — flannel, bamboo, silk, cotton, short sets, long sets, nightgowns, you name it — and researched the best, top-rated options out there.

Here, I’m imparting my knowledge to help you find the softest, coziest pajamas to level up your bedtime attire.

Overall best pajamas for women

I have three sets of Eberjey’s soft and scrumptious pajamas. One of them was that first transformative pair, another was also gifted (again, proving that they make a great present!) and one I bought myself. The Tencel material feels buttery soft and light on the skin, but the pajamas keep you nice and warm under the covers. The long-sleeve shirt and pants set is ideal for cold winters, but hot sleepers or those in warmer climates will enjoy the short set too.

L.L.Bean knows how to make you happy at bedtime. Its sheets are our absolute favorite, and the brand’s cotton flannel pajamas are another hit for having a comfy, cozy slumber. Soft and just the right weight to keep you warm but not overheated, the flannel PJs are a reliable under-$100 option and come in regular, petite, plus and tall sizes.

If the seasonal favorite is sold out in your size, the Cozy PJ Set is another great 100% cotton option.

A previous pick from Oprah’s Favorite Things, these pajamas are made with a stretchy, soft bamboo knit and a relaxed fit. The material is breathable and cooling, so you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep. While they’re on the pricey side, you’ll feel the quality and comfort every time you slip on the luxurious jammies.

Editor-favorite pajamas for women

I added this pajama set to my collection over the holidays, and they immediately became my go-to for lounging around the house. The material is super soft and cozy. My family members couldn’t stop touching me; in fact, my mom declared, “They’re like a baby!” Not even that they’re baby soft. They’re completely as plush and velvety as a newborn itself. Given that they are made of a microfleece-like material, they aren’t as breathable as other options out there, but they will keep you extremely toasty.

As a petite person, I found this fan-favorite set to be a comfortable fit. Thanks to the short sleeves and cropped length, it works well for the 5 foot 3 inch and under crowd. From XS to 4X, all sizes have a 22-inch inseam, which means you don’t have to worry about pant legs dragging while you’re lounging at home.

Tulip details add a fluttering touch to the top and shorts of this luxe silk pajama set from Lunya. It’s a great option for hot sleepers since there’s plenty of ventilation, but if you’re looking for more coverage, the brand also makes a T-shirt style and long-sleeve set in the same cool-to-the-touch silk. This set is also one of my favorites for travel since the silk is so lightweight and takes up minimal space in a suitcase.

15 silk pajama sets you won’t ever want to take off

Best budget-friendly pajamas for women

Great value for a two-pack, these lightweight jersey PJs are perfect sleep outfits to mix and match. They have over 15,000 5-star ratings and are loved for their soft fabric and cute colorways. Available in standard sizes as well as 1X through 3X, they’re a nice option for plus-size women’s sleepwear. Reviewers recommend sizing up for a slouchy, comfy fit. They also come in a short-sleeve set for those who sleep hot.

Come wintertime, these affordable fleece PJs that my friend introduced me to are a perennial favorite at Costco. They’re not too thick but will keep you very toasty. Plus, the pants feature pockets, which earns them major points.

For a roomy fit and a classic look, you can’t go wrong with this set from Old Navy. Available in seasonal plaids or florals, the 100% cotton PJs will feel like slipping into your favorite sheets — before you even climb into bed.

The nightgown version of the popular Target pajamas is another favorite. It’s made of the same soft modal blend, and it has a nice length that provides some coverage but doesn’t look frumpy. It’s a must-have for those who need more breathability under the covers but still want the warmth of long sleeves.

More women’s pajamas we love

A favorite among moms and daughters alike, Skims’ sleep top and pants are made from a lusciously soft modal that feels like butter. Their comfort is superior while looking effortlessly stylish too.

A more affordable alternative to Eberjey’s eco-friendly sleepwear, these pajamas are also made with sustainably produced Tencel modal. It’s just as soft and stretchy as a traditional modal, but reviewers recommend sizing up since the cut of these PJs can feel snug.

Gap has a great collection of maternity pajamas. It offers cute sets, if that’s your thing but also the convenience of mixing and matching styles and sizes to best suit your bump. The modal is lightweight and forgiving, and you can pick from a long-sleeve PJ shirt or cami and sleep pants or joggers.

Petite Plume makes some of the prettiest, luxurious pajamas for the whole family. An elevated take on the nightgown, this menswear-inspired style is made with 100% mulberry silk. Supple and satiny, This nightshirt can be matched with silk pillowcases for the full effect.

Stylish and classic, J.Crew’s cotton pajamas have a generous fit and smooth feel. They’re a reliable mid-weight choice, and since they’re not as insulating as flannel PJs, they’ll work for winters where temperatures stay moderate.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication.

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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Pajamas for Women:

The article discusses different types of pajamas for women, including various styles, materials, and price ranges. It emphasizes the importance of having comfortable and cozy sleepwear, especially during colder months. The author mentions that factors such as silhouette, material, and temperature regulation are important when choosing pajamas.

Overall Best Pajamas for Women:

The article highlights a few options for the overall best pajamas for women. Here are the mentioned options:

  1. Eberjey Gisele Long PJ Set: These pajamas are made of Tencel material, which is soft and light on the skin. They provide warmth and come in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve options.

  2. L.L.Bean Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas: These cotton flannel pajamas from L.L.Bean are soft, cozy, and suitable for colder nights. They come in regular, petite, plus, and tall sizes.

  3. Cozy Earth Long-Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set: This set of pajamas, previously featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, is made of stretchy, soft bamboo knit. It offers breathability and comfort for a good night's sleep.

Editor-Favorite Pajamas for Women:

The article also mentions some pajama sets that are favorites among the editors. Here are a few options:

  1. PJ Salvage Mad Love Pajamas: These pajamas are made of super soft and cozy material. They are plush and velvety, providing warmth and comfort.

  2. Stars Above Short-Sleeve Notch-Collar Top and Pants Pajama Set: This set is designed for petite individuals, with short sleeves and a cropped length. It offers a comfortable fit and comes in various sizes.

  3. Lunya Washable Silk Tulip Back Set: This set is made of lightweight silk and features tulip details on the top and shorts. It provides ventilation and is suitable for hot sleepers.

Best Budget-Friendly Pajamas for Women:

The article also includes some budget-friendly options for women's pajamas. Here are a few mentioned:

  1. Real Essentials Women's Pajama Set, 2-Pack: This set offers great value for money, with lightweight jersey pajamas that can be mixed and matched. They are loved for their soft fabric and cute colorways.

  2. Nautica Ladies' 2-piece PJ Set: These affordable fleece pajamas are suitable for colder weather. They provide warmth and comfort, and the pants feature pockets.

  3. Old Navy Oversized Poplin Pajama Set for Women: This set from Old Navy offers a roomy fit and a classic look. Made of 100% cotton, it provides comfort and a cozy feel.

More Women's Pajamas:

The article briefly mentions a few more options for women's pajamas. Here are a couple of them:

  1. Skims Soft Lounge Sleep Set: This set from Skims is made from soft modal fabric and offers superior comfort and style.

  2. Nordstrom Moonlight Eco Long-Sleeve Knit Pajamas: These pajamas are made with sustainably produced Tencel modal. They are soft and stretchy, but it is recommended to size up for a more comfortable fit.

Please note that the prices mentioned in the article may vary over time, and it's always a good idea to check the retailers' websites for the most up-to-date information.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts discussed in the article. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

The 15 coziest pajamas for women that’ll keep you warm all winter | CNN Underscored (2024)


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